All Together #4: A Brief Q&A with beatboxer Gene Shinozaki

The cobbled streets of Boston and noisy sidewalks of New York City share many similar qualities when it comes to artistic expression. Musician and event curator Anna Rae harnesses those unique qualities in her series All Together Now, a diverse multimedia event preparing for its 4th installment at the Lilypad on April 29. All Together Now brings together an assortment of performances from Boston and NYC individuals and creates a safe space for women, people of color, and LGBT+ artists alike. The 4th installment has a knockout lineup ready to blow you away, with acts from spoken word poet and Black Lives Matter organizer Didi Delgado, rapper Tashawn Taylor, experimental rock band First Frost, and NYC Grand Beatbox champion Gene Shinozaki. We caught up with beatboxer Shinozaki for a quick interview about who influences him, what drew him to All Together Now, and what people should walk away with.

Millennial Noise: What drew you to All Together Now?

Gene ShinozakiI was attracted to the event because I love Boston and I’ll give any excuse to go back and play a show. Also the line up for the event is great! It’s a genre bending, socially conscious event that merges poetry and music. The name of the show speaks for itself.

MN: What will you be performing?

GS: I will be performing a solo beatbox set.

MN: What do you want people to take away from this event?

GS: Art can bring us together no matter what your background is. I’m excited about meeting the other artists and making connections with interesting people who are “doing things”

MN: Who influences you?

GS: My biggest influence[…] is Bobby Mcferrin. He is also a solo performer, and he is able to sing a melody, the bass line, arpeggiate the chords and play the percussion all at the same time. I emulate his style of singing, and incorporated beatbox texture to them.


Catch beatboxer Shinozaki and other fabulous performances at the Lilypad on April 29 for the 4th installment of All Together Now. Tickets can be purchased here.

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