All Together Now #4: Expect the best from Rapper Tashawn Taylor

The preparations for All Together Now‘s fourth installment, and first show of 2017, are almost complete. This diverse multimedia event showcasing Boston and NYC artists will wow attendees of all ages with various performances from Black Lives Matter Organizer Didi Delgado, NYC Grand Beatbox Champion Gene Shinozaki, experimental rock band First Frost, and Rapper Tashawn Taylor. We caught up with Tashawn for a quick interview about his rapping style, what to expect from his performance at All Together Now, and a glimpse into his upcoming full length project.


Millennial Noise: What drew you to the event?

Tashawn Taylor: I thought it was going to be a fun event. My friend Didi is performing, that kinda was like a bonus to me. What made me consider doing it was Anna and she always does great things for people. If she ever calls me, it’s always for a great event. I also wanted to show off some new music I’m working on. It’s an opportunity to show people what kind of artist I am. Though it might confuse some, others might get it.

MN: How would you describe your music style?

TT: Very open. Something you can relate to, understanding the good and the bad. Understanding there’s always two sides to a person. There’s a side that everyone sees and there’s a side that only your close friends see. I feel like I have two sides to myself. I’ve showed pretty much every side of myself to people, my music is very personal sometimes. I feel as if I base my entire style around being a balanced person.

MN: What project(s) are you currently working on?

TT: I‘m working on a full length album right now. based around 15-17 songs; just expressing myself and growing up in Boston and Cambridge. I’ve always been in Massachusetts. I’ve branched out but I feel like I need to tell my story here before going anywhere else. A lot of what people aren’t doing these days, they don’t talk about their own demons, they don’t talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. With this album, I want people to understand who I am and where I came from. I get a lot of mixed perspectives about how people feel about me as a person and as an artist. I know what I want, that’s why I’m still making music. I want to speak to people through my music, I want to make a living through music. I want to put together this album to show people why I am the way that I am. It’s an album that’s meant for everybody. You got to understand what you’re gonna put into the music and what you’re going to leave out. Because the lessons I’ve learned are kind of mind-blowing. There’s more to just being a rapper.

MN: What will you perform at All Together Now?

TT: I want to leave it as a surprise. I just know I’m going to get a singer on there, and hopefully going to get my band. If not, it’s a surprise.

MN: What do you hope people will take away from your performance?

TT: I want people to take away my character. I’m an emotionally driven person. I’m not a rapper who just raps to rap. Emotionally, rapping holds me hostage, not in a bad way. If I don’t feel connected to the song, or if I don’t really understand where they’re coming from, I’m not gonna do the song. Expect the best. Always expect the best from my performances. Don’t expect anything mediocre. If it is, then please tell me it is. Goddamn, don’t expect a whack performance from me.


Be sure to catch Tashawn’s surprise performance and more great acts at the next installment of All Together Now, happening at the Lilypad on April 29. Grab tickets for the event here. And while you’re at it, check out Tashawn’s new video for “Obnoxious.”




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