All Together Now #5: Get to know magician Felice Ling

The last All Together Now captured the Lilypad’s audience a mere handful of weeks ago. But there’s already another installment on the horizon. All Together Now #5 will bring together performance art, music, magic, and storytelling in a safe space designed to include LGBT+, people of color, and women. Event curator Anna Rae hand-picks every performer for the All Together Now multimedia series, which creates a diverse assortment of artistic styles, genres, and walks of life. We caught up with Magician Felice Ling to chat about her favorite tricks and what she has in store for the upcoming installment of All Together Now.


Millennial Noise: How did you hear about All Together Now?

Felice Ling: A friend of a friend told a friend of mine about it. Through the grapevine, Anna [Rae, the event curator] learned that I’m a magician and she reached out to me and I learned about All Together Now.

MN: How long have you been performing?

FL: I’ve been doing magic for 15 years now. There’s always the performance aspect to magic. It wasn’t until college that I started performing in more formal settings. I was practicing for friends and people I knew before college. My ability progressed when I started street performing. I started street performing a couple times when I wanted to explore it back in 2010 or 2011. Then I went to China to teach English. When I was in grad school, I studied street performers in Chicago. So I just interviewed and watched local street performers. And that summer I started doing it more seriously myself. [I’ve been] performing pretty regularly during the summers since I moved to Cambridge.

MN: What’s your favorite trick?

FL: My street show is pretty set, it’s 15-20 minutes. In there, I put in two of my favorite tricks. One is a coin trick where the coin just magically, invisibly travels from my hand to a cup. And another is very visual. It looks like ink, [but] it’s just dry erase marker on whiteboard and the ink just moves around. I have a new show for All Together Now. 

MN: What’s your favorite part of performing?

FL: People’s reactions. I mean people sometimes they scream, sometimes they’re just stunned. Their faces just light up. Everyone has a different reaction to something that they didn’t think was possible.

MN: What do you want people to take away from your performance?

FL: [To] see what magic for adults is like. When people think of magic, they often think of magic for little children. I do like performing for kids, but they’re not my primary audience. Amazement isn’t an experience only children can have. Kids usually come up to me, usually drag their parents along. I perform for the kids to help me build a crowd, but everything is amazing to children. It’s the adults I want. I’m not trying to make high art, I just want people to enjoy themselves. 


Catch Felice’s magic show and more at the next All Together Now, happening May 27 at the Lilypad. Buy your tickets in advance here.

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