All Together Now #6: Lamont Price brings absurdity to the series

The newest All Together Now event, a multidisciplinary performance that makes space for LGBTQ+, women, minorities, and people of color, has a new lineup and a fresh venue. Curator Anna Rae will host the sixth installment at the Burren in Davis Square, Somerville on August 19, which will include comedy, hip-hop, and a tango dance trio. With five shows under its belt already, the All Together Now series is growing into an inclusive, community-driven spectacle that has successfully created a safe space for artists of all backgrounds. Considering its thriving following, the show intends to jump from venue to venue, allowing Boston neighborhoods to share the wealth. We got a moment to chat with Lamont Price, a comedian on deck to perform at the Burren, about his comic style and how he connects with an audience.



Millennial Noise: How did you hear about All Together Now?

Lamont Price: Anna [Rae] contacted me in May and told me about her show and the history of her show and I love her idea of it. Different artists and different backgrounds coming together. She described it in a way that I couldn’t refuse. If you’re an art nerd like me you wanna be involved.


I never wanted to do anything else with my life. I’ve loved comedy for so long.


MN: Where have you performed before?

LP: Everywhere. I’ve been doing stand up for some time now. I travel a bit. I also put on my own show from time to time. [My favorite place to perform is] the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. It’s a really cool space, third floor of the Hong Kong restaurant in Harvard. You connect really easily, the crowd is always amazing. There’s tons of clubs I love, but I’ve been to this one a lot lately.


MN: How long have you been a comic?

LP: 15 years. I wanted to be a stand up comic since I was a kid. I knew that I wanted to do it, it was just a matter of getting involved in it. A workshop led to my first time on stage and I never looked back. I didn’t really know the scene before I got into it. I never wanted to do anything else with my life. I’ve loved comedy for so long.


MN: How would you describe your comedy style?

LP: Controlled lunacy. I’ll talk about anything. I’ll do what I feel might be a specifically thought out bit on Donald Tr*mp per se, and the next minute I’ll talk about smoking weed with Bigfoot. I don’t stick to genres. I try not to, I get bored very easily. I love absurdity in context to reality. I don’t think there’s any limits to stand up, it’s all about personal taste in comedy.


If you get the crowd to trust you, you can take them anywhere.


MN: What do you want people to take away from All Together Now?

LP: I want people to leave thinking, “that guy has amazing hair.” (laughs) Hopefully they think I’m funny. I may say some things that people might think are insightful. I wanna make people laugh and this is just my style. I hope they’re entertained.


MN: Anything special planned?

LP: Nothing that I can say to you right now. I try not to do anything that is show specific because then I can’t use that stuff again. But I like to try to make my act as broad as possible, I don’t even mean to the audience. I don’t care what they think, it has to be broad to me. I have to be able to take my act wherever I go, I have to make it an act that travels. If that crowd doesn’t dig me, I’m not going to adjust my act to one crowd.


Laugh with Lamont and the other acts at the next All Together Now event happening on August 19 in the Burren’s backroom in Davis Square. Grab tickets ahead of time here.

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