Brush away the winter cobwebs with Julia Mark’s new album Gemini

Geminis are sometimes known to be the social butterflies of the zodiac, an intellectual sign representing duality and cleverness. Julia Mark’s debut full-length album Gemini encompasses a few of the traits from the chatty astrological sign, creating a well-rounded, melodic collection of songs about the moon, loss of memory, shifting homes, and palindromes.

The Boston-based singer/songwriter’s melodies ebb and flow with each passing song, the piano cradling her voice gently. Her breathy vocals often recall the soft sounds of Sara Bareilles, especially title track “Gemini” and second song, “Doors.” The latter opens with Mark’s soft piano and the lyric, “Summertime is made for secrets / that’s why the doors get swollen shut.” Her words always seem to carry an air of sadness, even though there’s a certain warmth that radiates from her songs.

If you’re in need of an album to welcome the warm weather of spring, give Julia Mark’s Gemini a spin and let her songs hush the inner winter grumps. Check out Gemini below!







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