No Need to Suffer Silently: Preoccupations at House of Blues

Preoccupations graced the stage of Boston’s House of Blues last weekend for a short but sweet set of their own particular brand of post-punk. It’s undeniable that there is something particularly special about the band formerly known as Viet Cong. Having crafted four tremendous full length albums in a relatively small span of time, they’ve captured the essence of post-punk perfectly while mixing in a flare of noisy aggression and pseudo-psychedelic sensibilities. The Canadian rock quartet’s special qualities are made all the more apparent on the stage.

Tearing into the militaristic “Newspaper Spoons,” they delivered a smattering of new and older material including fan favorites, “Continental Shelf” and “Espionage.” The thunderous drum hits of the tireless Mike Wallace were matched only by the nostalgia that poured from Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen’s warbly guitar passages and the anxiety choked vocals of frontman Matt Flegel. To top it all off, a brief interaction with them post-show proved them to be great human beings to boot, go figure. Though the brevity of their set surely had many craving more, their performance was by no means wanting in passion. These Canadians are killing it and their next visit to Boston can’t come soon enough.

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