North Bay rockers Slow Bloom drop “Hex Hex Hex”

Slow Bloom’s new album Hex Hex Hex is anything but a curse; some could say it’s more of an escape from the madness of the current state of things. Oftentimes, the music world’s live shows are filled with cross-armed listeners and wallflowers. The rock ‘n’ roll dudes of Slow Bloom want to see that change.

The band sprouted from a collaboration between hardcore bands Strike to Survive and State Faults after the groups toured together in 2014, and the newly created Slow Bloom released a self-titled album a couple of years later. After the release of Hex Hex Hex this past week on No Sleep Records and Dog Knights Production (UK), it appears the band still has more material hidden up their sleeves. We had a quick chat with vocalist and guitarist Jonny Andrew about Slow Bloom’s dynamic sound and their plans for 2018.


When was Slow Bloom’s inception?

Jonny Andrew: First version of [Slow Bloom]  started in 2014. Then Timmy [Lodhi]–who was playing bass at the time but now plays guitar–went traveling for a while so we put it on hold, stopped until last year, when Michael, Jared, and I met up and wrote a song.


What’s going on with the old bands while Slow Bloom explores their future?

JA: Strike to Survive is definitely done. State Faults is done, for now. Just in the mindset to do Slow Bloom for a while. Can’t say we’re done forever, though.


What’s the biggest difference between Slow Bloom and State Faults/Strike to Survive?

JA: I would say, I can’t speak as much to Strike to Survive, the songs in State Faults are much more biographical, like a journal. While Slow Bloom is more topical; where current events got my head going. There’s more focus on song structure now. Slow Bloom is much more a rock n’ roll band.


You guys released a self-titled back in 2016; how has your energy changed in two years?

JA: Our sound is much more focused. Energy seems much more direct. We’re focusing more on melody, but like juxtaposing melody with tasteful discord instead of going “balls to the walls” discord.


What have you been doing in the downtime between albums?

JA: Just playing shows. We’ve started writing for a full-length and hope to record this summer. We plan to do some touring this spring and summer, so just gearing up for that.


What’s your biggest goal for 2018?

JA: Make as many people bang their head as possible. I’d describe Slow Bloom as music for sad to people to bang their head to. 

Where does Slow Bloom draw its raw energy from?

JA: I think a lot of it just comes from the chemistry from the four of us. We’re really best friends. On stage, we’re always trying to kiss each other. Most of the energy comes from the kissing.


What are you most excited for this year? Any plans to tour?

JA: Just excited to play as many cool shows as possible and get out of California. Hoping to make it out to East Coast by summer.


You guys are from the North Bay, so what do you do for fun when you’re not practicing?

JA: Tend to like chill the fuck out. I don’t know, I like going to the beach. The beaches are always so stunning, the nature is rocky and dynamic. We’ll go bowling… My wife teaches spin class at Berkeley so I’m in shape now (laughs).




Listen to their full album below:

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