Sequins, Sweat, and Rock ‘n’ Roll: Thunderpussy at Once Ballroom

With a moniker like Thunderpussy, it’s no wonder the band is fighting to trademark their name. The Seattle rock ‘n’ roll girl gang thundered through Boston this month with their unique brand of performance and sound, initially intending to play at Sonia’s in Cambridge. Immediately prior to the show, the band released a statement regarding the owners of the venue and sexual violence (read more here) and moved the show to Once Ballroom in Davis Square. And all that before the gig even began…

Cut to Once Ballroom’s upstairs lounge. Words cannot do justice to the finesse, authenticity, and sheer musicality Thunderpussy brought to the stage. Vocalist Molly Sides slinked and slithered from the carpet to every corner, while her partner Whitney Petty shredded on guitar. Every sweaty face and every sequined article of clothing seemed to sparkle under Sides’ shimmering lyrics.

For more pussy action, take a peek at more gig photos below!

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