The Secret Word is Loophole: Dead Trains with Noisebreaker

All photos by Courtney Tharp.


This past Tuesday supplied a beacon of light amidst the latest political absurdity plaguing the nation. Allston’s Wonder Bar held a collection of fans all ready to hoe down or throw down to the soothing sounds of Dan Webb & the Spiders, Dead Trains, and Noisebreaker. Dan and his arachnids were up first with a set of melodic tunes that flowed one after the other. Dead Trains rolled out the country flair for their set, but Noisebreaker truly stole the show with their electrocuting sound and infused humor.

“We are Noisebreaker and the secret word of tonight is ‘loophole,’” Drummer Alan Richardson introduced the band and kicked out the jams on the tiniest drum kit known to man. From the outside, Noisebreaker appears eccentric and queer but in reality, the trio cater to chaotic and optimistic tunes developing a funky mashup of modern punk with a dash of slam poetry. Richardson chanted snippets of poetry–or borrowed lyrics; it’s hard to tell–to flow between most songs, which really energized the crowd. The band delivered seamless transitions between their own material and covers, such as the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter,” which had vocalist Craig Corsaro stumbling around stage and screaming into the mic.

Corsaro delivered his own top-notch performance within his own show. Wearing only white, denim shorts and a frilly camisole with the words “Please Love Me” scrawled across his chest, Corsaro broke the rock ‘n’ roll continuity with his expressive face and animated body language. Towards the end of Noisebreaker’s set, the dudes broke out one of their first songs “I’m On Drugs,” which startled at least a handful of people. Corsaro started screaming “I’m on drugs, please help somebody call 911! I’m on drugs!” While the band kept playing, some people look around, unsure if it’s part of the act. Corsaro dropped his guitar and sank to the floor of the stage, rolling around with the microphone still in his hands. It certainly left hearts racing.

THE GIST: Wonder Bar was on point with talent like Dan Webb & the Spiders and Dead Trains, but Noisebreaker’s spontaneity and general outlandishness took the cake.


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