We Got Another Horse Girl: Tacocat at Great Scott

All photos by Courtney Tharp.


Last week in Allston, Seattle garage rockers Tacocat brought an explosion of sequins, glitter, and silliness to the Great Scott. They float on stage on the coattails of Dude York’s high-intensity set and start off with “Cat Fancy.” Colored strobes reflect off their banner and sequinned drummer, Lelah Maupin. On lead vocals and tambourine, Emily Nokes embodies the energy of a wacky wavy inflatable arm balloon as she jumps and dances around the small stage. Pompoms dangle from bassist Bree McKenna’s ears and guitarist Eric Randall laughs as the girls chit chat.


“We’re glad to be here.” Nokes has an infectious spirit that comes through in her banter and her poses. Energy seems to flow through her joints and out through her pink tambourine. She’s like an eclectic, manic pixie dream girl with platform sneakers and orange tights. “It’s a little cold, but that’s not your fault,” she says, noting Boston’s infamous weather. After a couple of songs she removes her flowy black sweater to show off a retro white dress and sips Narragansett, then dedicates the next song to X-Files star Dana Katherine Scully. “Cause she’s the only one / thinking it through / She’s got the shoulder pads / no-nonsense attitude,” sings Nokes. She waves her arms back and forth, her body never seems to stop moving.

Their feminist undertones bled through on tunes like “Men Explain Things to Me” and “Crimson Wave.” Hell, the gals of Tacocat aren’t afraid to talk about their period panties in front of a crowded audience. They tease bassist McKenna about the song “Horse Girl” but come to discover more horse girls in the audience. “Wait! We got another horse girl!” the band screams as girls in the Great Scott shout their equestrian approval. “It’s fine. You grew up and became normal.” Nokes ends their horse dedication with a yoga pose and Maupin whinnies into her microphone. Song after song, the humans of Tacocat build excitement in the audience, who jump and cheer to anthems like “FDP” and sing the chorus of “I Hate the Weekend.” They played a variety of tracks from this year’s Lost in Time record as well as favorites from NVM. These eccentric, friendly characters brought such a relaxed vibe to Great Scott and performed such a down to earth set, it’s a surprise anyone walked out without a smile on their face.


THE GIST: Tacocat’s whimsical energy was easy to get lost in. The bandmates gel together like peanut butter and fluff sandwiches.

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