All Together Now: A brief Q&A with performer 3rian King

The artistic community has the capacity to create a common space for people of all interests. The beauty of art lies in its diversity. All Together Now, a three part multimedia event curated by Anna Rae, does a wonderful job of representing a wide lens of humans and their various talents. In the upcoming third installment, you can expect performances by dancer and drag artist Adlai Grayson, performance artists 3rian King and Johnny Blazes, musician Sarah Fard, and pop-rock group Hemway. In a brief Q&A with artist 3rian King, he describe his set with Johnny Blazes, how he heard about the show, and what the audience should walk away with.


Millennial Noise: How did you hear about All Together Now:

3rian King: Anna reached out to me. We were mutual fans of each other’s music. Also because I’m queer and she was looking for performers for a diverse roster of artists to present different sexualities, and genders and race and even economics. [She] wanted to make sure voices are being represented that don’t always get represented.

MN: What drew you to the event:

3K: I trust Anna. Just since we’ve been friends, seeing what she’s interested in…I knew what she was curating was going to be good and she would be really thoughtful about it.

MN: What will you be performing at All Together Now:

3K: Johnny Blazes and I first performed onstage together about five years ago when we co-hosted the Time Traveler’s Ball on 11/11/11 at Machine in Boston. Johnny is a fantastic singer, actor, writer, and drag artist. We co-hosted the Monthly Ritual at the Beat Brasserie last year, which was a music and variety show based on the occult. Currently we both front bands. Johnny in Johnny Blazes & the Pretty Boys and myself in What Time is it Mr. Fox? In All Together Now, we’re performing selections from an upcoming show called “Do You Queer What I Queer?” [The show] is one part storytelling, one part song-singing, and one part investigation of what it means to be both queer but 10 years apart in age growing up in Massachusetts. We’re hoping audiences will be laughing and crying simultaneously.

MN: What do you want people to take away from this event:

3K:i hope that people will walk away with a sense of the progression of queer social norms in Massachusetts. And really a sense of who Johnny and I are. Maybe they can relate to some of the experiences. And have fun. It will be a fancy feast for all the senses.

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