EXCLUSIVE Premiere: The Old North “Caught”

Local singer-songwriter Andrew O’Keeffe has been all quiet on the music front for a while now, but we’ve got the drop on the first single hailing from a new EP, tentatively planned to debut later this year.

The track, titled “Caught,” is a folky slow jam that sways and croons like a lullaby. The gradual haunt of the cello sets the stage for O’Keeffe’s dusty vocals. You’ll instantly become lured into the chorus, with its soothing country cadence.

The new track was partially conceived at Mountain Jam, a three-day rock ‘n’ roll music festival in Hunter Mountain, New York. At the time, O’Keeffe was struck by the drastically different way people interact at festivals compared to daily life.

“You go to these types of places, you kind of act out what could be inappropriate in any other setting. If you party like you would at a music festival in your daily life, people would think you’re insane,” says O’Keeffe. He believes people can still create immensely powerful connections with others even when they may not be their best, which acts as the track’s underlying motif.

“I think I’ve definitely learned how to incorporate other people’s sounds into the music,” he notes. “Instead of writing and thinking about where the lyrics will go, I’m thinking about the guitar spots and the strings. I’m thinking ahead of time and anticipating where things will go.”

Be sure to catch O’Keeffe and his band, who are transitioning to the name The Old North, at the Lilypad on October 13 for a special acoustic style set. And give a listen to the new track “Caught” below!


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