Please Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance: Exit Academy at Midway Cafe


Even though it was a sweltering day in Beantown, a crowd of people still populated Jamaica Plain’s Midway Cafe for an early 4th of July concert celebration. The lineup consisted of some old, new, and renewed names like Whoopi Sticks, Blame It On Whitman, and Exit Academy. There was some birthday announcements, flying stuffed sharks, and other casual chaos throughout.

Exit Academy, a newer band in the Boston scene, even had unintentional matching outfits. The leopard wasn’t planned, but the words scrawled onto the band’s chest and forearms was assumably premeditated. The trio rose from the ashes of former noise punk band Noisebreaker after they parted ways. Now with singer Craig Corsaro still at the mic with his eclectic stage presence, and Matt Minigell on bass, the two gained drummer Patrick Lynch to complete their animal print-clad ensemble.

The band carried over Noisebreaker’s seamless song transitions and magnified the melodies during their set at Midway Cafe. They played a rendition of The Archie’s “Sugar, Honey, Honey,” but with much more ooomph than the original, as though someone injected some frenzied adrenaline into the musicians. Corsaro is a performance artist, no doubt about it. It’s a talent that radiates, especially during live performances. As the final song came to a close, Corsaro removed his guitar and sat on the side of the stage, visibly bored. On the final riff, Minigell dropped his bass to the ground as the note hangs in the venue for a few moments before Exit Academy walks off stage.

If Noisebreaker wasn’t on your radar already, better get acquainted with Exit Academy. The peculiar trio knows how to draw in a crowd and keep them guessing with their offbeat outfits, quirky introductions, and whimsical cover songs. They create a unique blend of rock ‘n’ roll, pop, and noise to entertain and enthrall audiences.

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