Review: Lost to the Waves – Nightfall

Lost to the Waves introduce you to their sophomore EP Nightfall with a guttural roar and a pulsing cadence, setting a high energy tone for the rest of the tracks. Lead singer Ben Lavoie contributes some savage vocal talent to every song. His growls seem to resonate like gongs in your torso but every word is crystal clear, which is difficult to say for most metal bands. It’s refreshing to hear lyrics as loud and proud as his haunting melodies. One example is the opening track “Virus of Sedna” which fades out with a beautiful lullaby that leaves the ears wanting more. Lost to the Waves do a terrific job of polishing all the aspects of a metal song and fitting them together just right.

The first single released off Nightfall does the best job at showcasing each member of the band and how well they piece together. Guitarists Nick Court and Steve Olson seem to reach a perfect harmony together, neither overpowering the other. There’s a dark and distortion-heavy guitar riff that leads into “Ghosts of Autumn” before the drums kick in as Lavoie begins the growl. Their strong combination of eerie guitars and rough vocals are reminiscent of prog rock band Periphery, especially the likes of their 2015 release Juggernaut: Alpha.

A combination of control, harmonious melodies, and indisputable precision give Lost to the Waves that little oomph that sets them apart from your run-of-the-mill metal bands. Nightfall has some heavy horsepower to back it up, but also balances itself out with peaceful pockets of guitar riffs.


THE GIST: Lost to the Waves have mastered the loud but controlled aesthetic. Their EP Nightfall highlights their clean-cut vocals and melodic talent, making them a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene.



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