REVIEW: Rex Mac – Abloom

Boston-based rapper Rex Mac has devils on devil on devils, but he’s pretty smooth on the mic. He first landed on our radar with his live performance at All Together Now #6 at The Burren last August. He graced the crowd with snippets from his latest, Abloom, and his general knack for small talk. Not only does he create a layered, resonating sound on each track of Abloom, but Rex Mac has the gift of storytelling.  


Rex pours heart and soul into an entirely self-produced collection of ten songs filled with raw emotion and uplifting passion. A sense of confidence shines through, worn as a badge from wars won. The Asian-American hip-hop artist develops a full-bodied sound on every track, exploring a strong sense of diversity, both musically and lyrically. Throughout the song “How To Be Alone,” Rex creates a sort of melodic yin and yang balance that contrasts the weight of being alone with the tenacity of coming back stronger.


Abloom examines plenty of heavy subjects such as mental health, loneliness, and sense of self-worth. At times, Abloom looks like a self-directed love song, a sort of message in a bottle to revisit when times are tough. It’s uplifting as often as it can sound disheartening. But Rex acknowledges the need to heal before moving on, apparent in “All My Love.”


THE GIST Rex Mac’s crisp articulation, fierce lyrics, and an underdog perspective on life–check out “Rogues”–help form the melting pot that is Abloom. It’s a bolstering pick-me-up while also appealing to the discouraged and introspective.



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