REVIEW: Safeguard – I’m a Stranger to Myself

As pop punk’s mainstream following dwindles, their underground following still flourishes. It seems pop punk’s range is expanding to the other side of the pond to help keep the genre alive. With the likes of Neck Deep opening up the thought of UK possibilities, Yorkshire rockers Safeguard are here to pollinate the air with their great mix of tight drums and bouncy guitar riffs you would expect from a great pop punk five-piece. The band just released their newest EP I’m a Stranger to Myself on Dec 1 via Wilhelm Records.

Safeguard’s catchy yet familiar sad sound keeps you listening throughout their video for “Harbour.” The track introduces start-stop guitar riffs as well as a constant, pulsing bass drum hits. The song then shifts into a fast double time verse synonymous with pop punk, and keeps your pulse above 75bpm. It doesn’t last forever; it flows into a slow, emo-esque chorus and bridge reminiscent of the first time you listened to Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends, finishing out the song with the same pulsing intro. It’s always a great feeling when a new band gets stuck in your head all day.


THE GIST |  Safeguard’s EP I’m a Stranger to Myself is chock-full of fresh tunes and relatable lyrics, what more could you want? Always thankful for Safeguard, keeping my pop punk listenings fresh.



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